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    Alireza Omumi        
1955    Born in Tehran        
1974    Graduation from triannual fine art school    
1979    Diploma in graphic-design at fine art faculty,    
    University of Tehran        
1979    Freelance graphic artist for iranian television    
    Teaching activity at the University of Telecommunication
    Illustrator of children´s books and magazines     
1989    Emigration to Germany        
1989    Academic studies of graphic-designinformatics     
    at the University of Applied Sciences in Hannover     
1994    Successfull graduation of graphic-design    
1995    Independent Artist        
    Establishment of the school of arts    
    Malschule Atelier Omumi' in Hannover    
1997    Member of the association of Artists in Benthe    
Small extract from various fascinating exhibitions    
1991    Artistcircle in Laatzen        
1992    Windowgallery Pavillon in Hannover    
1993    Art Gallery Schuck in Gundelsby    
1993    Federal State Insurance Center in Hannover    
1994    Art Gallery Schifferings in Poggenhagen    
1995    Kestner Museum Hannover    
    Special painting exhibition of islamic art    
        ' The Sultan and Ornamentation '      
    including perfomance of arabic calligraphy    
    in Hannover, Munich and Karlsruhe    
1996    Trustee Savings Bank of Lage    
1996    Leading Northern Germany Broadcasting Center    
1998    Artist Spring Celebration Hannover    
1998    Gallery of all Arts in Hameln    
2002    Public Art Run 'ZINNOBER' Hannover    
2004    Association of Artists in Benthe    
2005    Art Gallery Schifferings in Poggenhagen    
2005    Museum of Local History in Elze    
2007    Hanns-Lilje-House in Hannover    
2008    Association of Artists in Benthe    
2008    Imperssion Galleria d`Arte Italia, Toskana    
2009    Daryabeygi Art Gallery in Tehran, Iran    





















Malschule Atelier Omumi - - - Nenndorfer Str. 74 30952 Hannover (Ronnenberg-Empelde) - Tel.: 0511/431273